Athar Khan



Brother Ather Khan :

An Electronics & Communication engineer by professional training who opted to spread the word of Allah”, would be an apt description of this public speaker & trainer, who’s journey into the world of comparative religion & Da’wah started at the age of 21 as a participant of the Da’wah Training Programme conducted by Dr. Zakir Naik at IRF, Mumbai in the year 2001. The zeal within him in clarifying misconceptions about Islam was kindled by Shaikh Ahmed Deedat & Dr. Zakir Naik and this exposure to these world renowned scholars resulted in him choosing Da’wah over Engineering. Being a passionate full time Da’ee since 2002, specializing in inter-faith dialogues, Ather Khan has participated in numerous one-on-one sessions & group discussions with non muslims and, (by the grace of Allah) has clarified a number of misconceptions about Islam amongst television viewers as well as live audiences in various parts of the globe. He has been delivering talks on Islam and Comparative Religion for the last six years and some of his topics which are popular amongst muslim as well as non-muslim audiences are, ‘Christ in Islam’, ‘Crucifixion: An Islamic Perspective’, ‘Human Rights in Islam’, ‘Shackles of Life’, ‘Authority of Hadith’ etc . Ather Khan has shared the dais with many world renowned personalities (including the former president of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalaam in Mysore 2007). His wide ranging experience includes handling open question & answer sessions on Islam and Comparative Religion at IRF as well as regular appearances on Peace TV and other Islamic Satellite Channels. Ather Khan is also an accomplished trainer with experience in imparting Da’wah Training to students of Comparative religion and has been a faculty in the IRF Da’wah Training Programme conducted in 2004. Over and above the numerous lecture tours, talks, dialogues and discussions to his credit in cities in India he has also delivered lectures across the U.K at the invitation of Islamic centers, colleges and universities as well as conducted Da’wah Training Programme organized by the IPCI, Birmingham (UK).

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