Be a Man, Say NO to Dowry



Be a Man, Say NO to Dowry

Dowry System : Is Greed has its no End ?

Hey people.. Do you know what DOWRY stands for !
D – Donkeys
O – of the first order
W – who cannot stand on their own Feet
R – Rely on their wives riches
Y – Yet Shameless

Now here one more Question, I want to ask… WHAT ACTUALLY DOWRY IS?

Is it a Present or Gift ?
or Is it a respect for in-Laws?
or Is it a type of Blessings, which every parent want to give to their girl at the time of her Marriage?
But i think it is simply a greed of Money having no Emotions.
So, The answer, which I think the most appropriate according to the present situation of our society is…
DOWRY is a part of Blessings which every parent want to give to her Girl Child for her Happy Married Life.
Is This enough to Define Dowry….???
I think…NO

We are typically living in a male dominated society in which women has a secondary position in the family. After Marriage, she has been reduced to a thing. She becomes a part of luxury and Comfort only ! now she is no more than a good wife, Daughter-in-Law or a Mother, and looses her own identity.

At the time of her Marriage, Cash Money and other material is expected from her family.

If they are not able to do so, the results are very much clear before us.Cases of bride-burning are so common in lower middle class families. misbehave, abuses are some other consequences.
These consequences directly exposes the hollowness of society.
Mentality is so down to earth, that emotions has no role in one`s life.
Even the birth of a girl child is considered so ominous, because of the huge dowry demanded during her marriage.
Today the situations are much more improved. But something is remaining till now, which has to be improved.
Traditionally, beauty, good features, culture, qualification, etc of a girl were not important considerations. A fat dowry over weighs all these considerations.
The evil practice continues till today. Just the method of demand has changed. Now the greedy in-laws settle the amount of dowry before marriage only.
Instead of cash, demand for Marutis, Washing Machines and other luxurious items increases.


I think, government should take some more strict steps. The anti-dowry act, 1976 must have given more teeth. Moreover, the people should come forward to root out the evil practice from our society.

Before concluding my words, i want to convey a message for every women living in a society….

The woods are lonely dark and deep,
But you should promise to keep,
And miles to go,
Before you sleep
Before you sleep…
And for men, here is my message…


Do share with your dears to spread righteous………

Source: Words of Qur’an

Taqwa Islamic School
Islamic Educational & Research Organization (IERO)

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